National Authorized Directorate National Authorized Directorate


  1. Being responsible  for  the coordination , programming , regular monitoring and annual, midterm, and end -of -term  reviews  of EU-financed projects /programs;
  2. In close collaboration with the Commission, being responsible for the preparation, and appraisal of projects and programs;.
  3. Reviewing and approving  tender dossiers and calls for proposals;
  4. Submitting tender dossiers and , where appropriate , the documents  for calls  for proposals , to the Commission  for approval before launching invitations  to tender  and, where appropriate , calls for proposals;
  5. In close cooperation with  Commission , launching  invitations to tender and, where appropriate  calls for proposals;
  6. Receiving tenders and , if applicable, proposals, and transmits copies of tenders to the Commission ;presides over the opening of tendersand decide on the results of their examination within the period of validity of the tenders, taking account of the time required for approval of contracts;
  7. Inviting the  Commission  to the opening of tenders and , if applicable, proposals and notify  the Commission  of the results  of the examination of tenders and proposals for approval of  the proposals for the award of contracts andgrants;

8. Submitting contracts and program estimates and any addenda thereto to the Commission for approval; signs the contracts and addenda there to approved by the Commission;

9. Clearing and authorizing expenditure within the limits of the funds assigned to it;

     10. During the execution operations, making any adaptation arrangements necessary to

       Ensure the proper execution of approved programs or projects from the economic

       And technical viewpoint;


11.  The National Authorizing Office decides on technical adjustments and alterations to

programs and projects in matters of detail so long as they do not affect the technical

solutions adopted and remain within the limits the for adjustment;


12. Deciding on  final acceptance , provided that the Commission  is present  ,at provisional acceptance , endorses the corresponding minutes and, where appropriate ,is present at the final acceptance  , in particular where  the extent of the reservations recorded at the provisional acceptance  necessitates major additional works;

13. Negotiating  with   European Commission and provides  the necessary inputs  to the  formulation of   draft agreements ,  guides and  convenes  and participates in    a series of meetings  with all stakeholders , upon completion of the draft agreements , it provides explanations to the Council of Ministers and House of People’s Representatives ;

14. conducting dialogue with the European Commission  in  amendment process  of say   the Cotonou Agreement  , participates  in   a number of pertinent meetings   with all stakeholders  and prepares  a summary   report  and  presents to  the Ministry’s   higher authorities;

15.  In collaboration with the European Union , giving direction  to the EU for the preparation of    National  Indicative Plan(NIP), it  informs points  of   decision to  higher authorities of the Ministry , participates in discussion of framework agreement  ,  upon request  on behalf of the government it provides  explanations to all  concerned  and plays an active role in the  finalization of the document ;

16. Giving training to federal and regional implementing bodies so as to enhance their skill on European Development Fund (EDF) procedures;

17. Preparing notes and minutes related to ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers’ Meeting