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Key Points on Aba Samuel Hydropower Project Handover ceremony

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the People’s Republic of China enjoyed longstanding friendly relationship. The formal development cooperation relations of the two countries that began in the 1970’s went smoothly ever since and achieved fruitful results in various sector.

In particular over the last 10 years China’s support in the Ethiopian development process grew fast and is one of the most visible cooperation of the supports of development partners of Ethiopia. Most beneficiary sectors or sub sectors of the Chinese cooperation are; Road, Railway, energy (both Hydro and Wind power), telecom, sugar production and water.

It worth to mention some of Chinese assisted mega projects completed and under construction in these sectors just to refresh our memory;-

  • Addis Ababa – Adama express road (Completed)
  • Dire-Dawa Dewalle Express road (under construction)
  • Addis Ababa Light rail way (Completed)
  • Addis Ababa – Djibouti Railway (completed)
  • Many Energy generation from both hydropower and wind,
  • Several transmission, substation and distribution lines,
  • High Voltage Power Transmission& Substation project from GERD (nearly completed,)
  • Several Sugar Production factories,(completed and ongoing)
  • Airport expansion project (under construction)
  • Different phases of telecom expansion,
  • Addis Ababa water supply project completed
  • ETC

These projects are not only benefiting the country through the project outcomes but also played important role in image building in the country. The people and the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia are grateful for the generous support that the Chinese Government provided to these and other projects so far.

In its development planning, the Ethiopian government identified shortage of energy as one the main bottleneck of Ethiopia’s development. Therefore securing energy has been considered as one of the top priority in the long and medium term of the national development programs. Accordingly many mega projects including gibe II Gibe III, Beles and Tekeze hydropower projects have been implemented and some, including GERD are under implementation. Few years back the country possess less than 300MW of Energy for its development. But currently well over 2000MW energy power has been generated from different sources and it will continue to grow fast to reach 17,000MW by the end of GTP II. The conscious move to have more energy from diversified sources is obviously to secure sustainable development in the country. We hope our development partners like China understand this very well.      

Today we are celebrating the handing over ceremony of Aba Samuel small hydropower project financed through the Chinese grant program that cost about 99MillionRMB  (approximately 319,357,004 Birr) to generate 7MW electric power from rehabilitated dam just few KMS from Addis Ababa and in fact nearer to the most industrialized part of the city. As Aba Samuel is the first hydropower project in Ethiopia its rehabilitation has important historical significant than the hydroelectric power contribution to the national grid. So the government and the people of Ethiopia attach high value to the ever growing supports of the Chinese government to many projects including the one which we celebrate handing over today. We hope the strategic cooperation of the two sisterly countries will grow fast in scope and depth in the years to come.