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Bilateral Cooperation Directorate
Budget Preparation and Administration Directorate
Channel One Program Coordinating Unit (COPCU)
Debt Management Directorate
Development Planning and Research Directorate
Ethio-China Development Co-operation Office
EU National Authorizing Office
Expenditure Management & Control Program Office
Finance & Procurement service Directorate
Gender Affairs Directorate
General Service
Government Accounts Directorate
Human Resource Development & Administration Directorate
Information System Administration Center
Inspection Directorate
Internal Audit Service Directorate
International Financial Co-operation Directorate
Legal Service Directorate
Library Service
Macro Economic Policy and Management Directorate
National Authorizing Office (NAO)
National Economic Accounts Directorate
Population Affairs Directorate
Public Relation and Information Directorate
Record and Documentation Service
Strategic Planning & Management Office
Support Business Processes Coordination Directorate
Treasury Directorate
UN agencies & Regional Economic Cooperation Directorate